Good Wood

Resistant, productive, safe and economical: the suitable woven wire cloth for your process

Process belts for wood processing have to withstand high mechanical, thermal and chemical loads and must be protected against electrostatic charging in accordance with the ATEX standard. For the best possible trouble-free production reliability, we offer custom-tailored woven wire-cloth designs made of metal, synthetic or material combinations.

The screen belts are in demand in various applications and operational areas in the wood processing industry:

  • Presses and drying systems
  • Wood chip drying
  • Production of wood chips
  • Production of veneers
  • Production of chipboard, MDF, OSB, fibreboard and multiplex panels
  • Production of wood pellets and wood briquettes

The drying belts for belt dryers or press belts are designed in accordance with the process requirements. Depending on the working temperature, they can be made of stainless steel, polyester, PPS or PEEK, e.g. also with integrated bronze wire to protect against electrostatic charging.

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