Metal wire cloth, non-marking seams

Gold solder seam (straight)

For highly strained wire cloth connections which must be absolutely non-marking the stainless steel wire cloth seam is gold soldered.

Diagonally gold solder seam

Especially developed and executed in an outstanding manner for diagonally seamed tension covers: a half warp wire is soldered to a half warp wire. So the diagonally gold solder seam fulfills the highest demands.

Twisted wire cloth with soldered seam

This special seam to connect twisted wire cloth makes sure that the joined section remains flexible and resistant to metal fatigue under reverse bending stresses.

Prepared gold solder seam

Diagonally pre-seamed tension covers with a prepared gold solder seam make it possible to fit these tension covers on cylinder moulds which cannot be taken out from the machine, process belts can be soldered endless without dismantling of the tension

Fourdrinier wire cloth seam (bronze/metal)

Mark free seam for bronze and stainless steel wire cloth. Particularly supple and resistant under reverse bending stresses. Warp wire to warp wire is individually soldered.

Plasma seam

A technological ambitious endless join either diagonal or straight. Warp wire to warp wire is individually welded.

Metal wire cloth, marking seams


Special seam, very stable and flexible, especially for twisted belts, plain weave. Execution similar to loop pin-seam, but endless and not suitable for open fitting. Usable if markings are not so important.

Welded eyelet pin-seam (plain weave, warp twisted, detachable)

To join plain weave twisted wire cloth. Warp wires welded to eyelets and joined with a pin-wire endless.

Welded eyelet pin-seam (4-warp twisted, detachable)

Sing a pair of warps welded as eyelets. A pin-wire is fitted through the eyelets.

Loop pin-seam (straight, detachable)

A metal wire stitched into the ends of the cloth to form interlocking loops which are then joined by a pintle wire.

Crownloop pin-seam (detachable)

Similar to a simple loop pin-seam, but to have more stability the loop wires are woven back in a zig-zag pattern.

Anchor seam (detachable)

Sometimes used instead of a loop pin-seam. Stainless steel hooks are pressed into the wire mesh and fitted together with a pin-wire. Usable for lower speeds, slight reverse bending stresses and insensitivity against markings.

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