Conveyor belts and press sieves

We offer you metal conveyor belts for carrying, drying, washing, de-watering, forming and pressing in a lot of different versions, adjusted to your application:

Metal wire cloth

  • out of twisted wires (warp) and monofil wires (weft)
  • in lots of different weaves, in all lenghts and widths, with solder seam or pin seam weave

Our synthetic belts are used in wire presses, conveyor driers, vacuum filters and in almost all other industries – for example in the board- and paper manufacturing in the non woven industry, etc. They are available in the materials.

  • polyester
  • peek
  • polyamide
  • pps

For the production of hard masonite and fibre boards we offer you high-capacity press sieves:

  • in the most different versions of weaving
  • out of stainless steel or cast steel

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