Material for long life: Metal and synthetic wire cloth

Welcome to the specialist in woven wire cloth. We have mastered the technology of manufacturing suitable woven wire cloth from every weavable metal and synthetic materials. This includes stainless steels, non-ferrous metals such as bronze, copper or brass and polyester, polyamide and PPS.

Our wire cloth is used by countless industries throughout the world, e.g. the de-watering and filtration screens, the forming and dryer screens, the conveying and press screens and the architectural mesh for external wall designs and functional purposes.

With materials for all possible ranges and a wide variety of weaves and designs we offer to you one of the most extensive ranges of wire cloth in weaving up to 9 metres width.

Product range wire cloth

  • you can choose from an extensive selection of standard woven wire made of stainless steel, bronze and synthetic materials which we keep in stock at all times
  • in addition, we make special-purpose woven wire cloth to the highest quality standards and in materials and weaves to satisfy your specific requirements – from monofil or multi-standard wire
  • we produce diagonally tensioned covers for cylinder moulds, dandy rollers and felting screens for cardboard-making machines
  • plastic shrink sleeves for forming rollers
  • diagonal screens and woven belts for the non-woven industry
  • special bronze weaves for the production of anti forgery paper (bank notes, etc.)
  • mixed wire cloth from synthetic- and metal wire
  • woven fabrics made of twisted wire for wide-ranging applications
  • architectural mesh for external wall designs and functional purposes

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