Optimized air flow: wind tunnels-screens

Siebfabrik wind tunnels-screens – absolutely acurate metal mesh without turbulences

Optimized air flow without turbulences

For many years, SIEBFABRIK produces on highly technical weaving looms an absolutely accurate metal mesh, which is used in wind tunnels world-wide. For this reason, a Southern German car manufacturer has authorized SIEBFABRIK to manufacture and install its wind tunnel screen.

Customized meshes with narrow tolerances up to 9 meters width without seam can be manufactured. Should it be necessary to install a seam on-site, SIEBFABRIK can guarantee, by over 50 years of experience in seaming/welding a top quality and non-marking seam.

Screens are exposed to many stresses: both high mechanical loads and extreme temperature variations. All our screens are especially finished after weaving for flatness and stability in order to meet the wind tunnel requirements.

Our mesh target is to get an optimized air flow touching the model without the turbulences coming from both fan and walls friction. Not only our specific computer-controlled weaving process but also our choice in raw material quality and characteristics allow us to reach it, with a long lifetime besides.

Whatever position you need : “Flow Conditioning Screens” or screens for the “Settling Chamber” or “Wide Angle Diffuser”, SIEFABRIK is the most competent partner for design, planning, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Our Service Technicians are available short-term for an on-site repair, at any time, world-wide.

Air-Flow Measurement at the Wind Tunnels-Screens
Air-Flow Measurement at the Wind Tunnels-Screens

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