Cylinder mould manufacturing

Professional repair and corrective maintenance in our factory makes your cylinder moulds good again in the shortest possible time, and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

We can offer the following range of service:

  • Installing of a new round spiral wire
  • Installing of a flat sprial wire on a perforated cylinder
  • Replacing of a shaft, soldering- and worn-out rings
  • Fitting of new covers on cylinders, dandy-rolls, perforated drums or filter segments with woven meshes like stainless steel or synthetic wires (possible also in your facility)
  • Checking of running accuracy and doing the balance
  • Grinding the surface of cylinders and dandy-rolls
  • Manufacturing, reparation and spareparts for the „Vibration Screen F700“
  • Manufacturing of workpieces (turning machine) of 10.000 mm length and a weight of 12.000 kg
Siebzylinder Anlieferungszustand
delivery condition
Cylinder mould (former cylinder)
Cylinder mould (former cylinder)
fitting a spiral wire on a perforated plate
fitting a spiral wire on a perforated plate
Construction of cylinder moulds

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