Cylinder moulds – line G (closed)

The strong types for high speeds: Cylinder mould G with support discs

Our G series cylinder moulds are effective because of their outstanding sheet formation and very high concentricity. As a result, they offer unique advantages in many areas of application such as:

  • in cylinder mould formers for high-speed board machines, for partially admitted cylinder moulds and short-former headbox units
  • in thickeners and save-alls
  • as couch-on rolls in Fourdrinier multi-layer machines
  • the manufacture of fibre-cement products

Their sturdy support disc construction is completely of high-alloy stainless steel and, depending on the type, designed for a linear pressure of up to 40 N/mm.

The G ranges are available in four practically oriented designs:

Type G:

With radially-arranged profiled bars

Type GE:

With inclined profiled bars

Type GDr:

as for Type G but with spirally wound wire instead of a bottom wire

Type GEDr:

as for Type GE but with spirally wound wire

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