Managing Directors

Engineer Christoph Leppla, Phone 07473/9475-0
Email: christoph.leppla[at]

Head of Sales

Engineer Edgar Geweth, Phone: 07473/9475-0
Email: edgar.geweth[at]

Sales Non-Woven

Manfred Schöll, Phone: 07473/9475-12
Email: manfred.schoell[at]

Sales Machine construction/Cylinder moulds

Andreas Kukatsch, Phone: 07473/9475-13
Email: andreas.kukatsch[at]

Sales Department

Immediate offers and information on current orders, please contact:

Barbara Schwarz, Phone: 07473/9475-26

Serpil Tunc, Phone: 07473/9475-15
Email: serpil.tunc-tuerk[at]


Questions about shipping and export documentation, please contact:

Philipp Marx, Phone: 07473/9475-11
Email: philipp.marx[at]