Company history


Expansion of activities in new markets and industries


Further investments in machines and production systems


  • further investments in machines/systems
  • modern high-precision looms
  • short communication channels, fast decisions
  • one of the technlogy leaders in woven wire mesh


Investments in machines and systems and hiring new employees in production and management


Following a long term and successful leadership, Mr Günther Schaupp hands over company management to Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Leppla.

SFU Siebfabrik celebrates its fiftieth company jubilee.

The company is successfully prepared for the future and continues to expand on its market success. 


Mr Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Leppla becomes the second Managing Director of SFU Siebfabrik. 


SIEBFABRIK Arthur Maurer GmbH & Co. KG is one of the technology leaders in woven wire mesh and continues to expand. 


Expansion of production facilities in Mössingen-Öschingen.


Takeover of former competitor Chr. Wandel GmbH & Co. and relocation to actual head office at the same time. Expansion of the product line including now plastic mesh and cylinder moulds.


For reasons of age, the founder retired, handing over management of the Company to his son-in-law Günther Schaupp.


Continuous growth necessitated removal to new production facilities.


Arthur Maurer founded the Company in Lichtenstein-Unterhausen with two employees.

Siebfabrik Stammsitz in Mössingen
Siebfabrik headquarter in Mössingen
Siebfabrik, Company building 1976
Siebfabrik, Company building 1976
Mounting of a diagonal cover on a cylinder mould
Mounting of a diagonal cover on a cylinder mould
Assembly of a metal wire cloth
Assembly of a metal wire cloth