We offer you high-quality screen belts and drum coverings for all forming processes for fibrous materials. Our suitable, innovative screen specifications are available for the following production processes:

Paper and cardboard on cylinder moulds (formers):

  • Screen belts
  • Diagonal elastic covers (lower/upper screen)
  • Dandy roll covers (lower/upper screen)
  • Forming roll covers (polyester or stainless steel)


  • Hydroentanglement/spunlace
  • Thermal compacting/thermal bonding
  • Airlaid
  • Chemical compacting/chemical bonding
  • Spunbond

Glass nonwovens:

  • Airlaid

Our trained service personnel are available to you worldwide and assume the on-site installation of screen coverings and screen belts.

Cylinder mould (former cylinder)
Cylinder mould (former cylinder)
Modern paper machine
Modern paper machine

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